BB-39 is a Greatest Generation Novel which chronicles the story of five young men in the prewar Battleship Navy and beyond. Events fracture their friendships, loves, and lives. Forged by a conflict greater than themselves, they move in divergent paths. In 1990, an accident starts another chain of events that brings redemption, twilight lovers reunited, and a Siberian POW rescued. BB-39 is available as an eBook, an audio book, and in print.

December 7, 1941 

Captain Minoru Genda smiled as the last plane landed on the Kaga. Both attacks had succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, and the second wave, had not lost a single plane. The losses on the initial attack were much less than projected.

As the four carriers started turning, he saw the smoke rising over the burning ships and oil storage tanks. Even from 50 miles away, and at an 8,000 foot altitude, he could see that the smoke column height was way above his vantage point on the carrier bridge. 

After a stop a 1000 miles West of Portland Oregon for their support ships, to resupply fuel, armaments, and replacement planes, the carrier airship fleet will bring destruction to the American West Coast before the end of the week. 

This book departs from reality with the 1932 discovery of helium on the island of Hokido. A secret agreement between Japan and Germany results in a technology exchange that enables Japan to develop a fleet of huge airship aircraft carriers.

The two attacks on December Seventh are made by over 300 planes from a fleet of four airship carriers. By the end of that week, a series of devastating strikes up and down the West Coast leave the aircraft, shipbuilding, and marine industries in ruins.

This story does not include steam punk, fantasy, time travel, magic, elves or faeries. It does include some adult content, as well as fictional actions by the USS Fletcher and the USS Iowa. The deviations from historic technologies are based on what could have been accomplished with the availability of helium and a push in that direction.

This is the first of five Novellas in a near term Science Fiction Post-Apocalyptic series. Each book in the series tells the stories of a group of survivors that live through a Global Extermination Event. The characters in this book are clustered around the shores of a great Inland Sea above what used to be called the San Joaquin Valley in California. These stories were triggered by current events shortly after I published my first book, BB-39. I had planned to complete another long-delayed novel, but these stories could not be set aside. Finally, I gave up and started writing these stories about people living in a world with vast areas covered by many feet of volcanic ash, and where the sea levels have risen by over 300 feet.

This is the second in a series of near-term Science Fiction Post-apocalyptic Novellas. It tells the stories of another group of survivors who live through the same species-ending series of global catastrophes described in Volume I.

North America is slammed by a series of massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, followed by super-hurricane force winds and months of driving rain. The coastal regions are swallowed by a 300-foot sea level rise. 

The primary location for this story is the smoky mountains of the western Carolinas.  


T his Science Fiction Post-apocalyptic Novella is the third in a series that tell the stories of a small groups of normal people thrust into a Global Extinction Event. Fate, tenacity, and a will to live help these individuals survive where millions have perished.

This group of strangers, thrown together by the Event, find unconventional relationships. They form a band to make a desperate run for home across the Southwest, threading a needle between volcanic lava and ash to the North, and barbarous gangs of cartel murderers laying waste to survivors in the Southwest.

In galactic terms, the Earth lives in a dangerous neighborhood. Seven times in the past humanity has reached for the stars, only to have their civilization destroyed by an extinction event. The scattered surviving pockets of humanity returned to a meager agrarian existence, with little or no retention of their prior technology and knowledge base. As fuel and food stocks were depleted, those survivors without the ability to acquire more, perished. 

This Novella tells the stories of a small band of a present-day extinction event survivors in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. They came through the event due to a combination of fate, tenacity, and a will to live that helped these individuals survive where millions have perished. Their world has changed forever, and they must face the challenges of just surviving, while attempting to retain at least a small part of the technology and civilization which had been reaching for the stars.  


This Novella tells the story, set 60 years after the Coastal Event, of the start of a voyage of discovery by the decendants of the event survivors. They embark on an around the world sea voyage to seek out and discover other pockets of humanity. Their objective, is to establish trade and consolidate the knowledge base that humanity has retained. Their forefathers came through the event due to a combination of fate, tenacity, and a will to live that helped these individuals survive where millions have perished. 

The world changed forever, before they were born, and while survival is no longer an issue, the challenge of retaining at least a small part of the technology and civilization which had been reaching for the stars is a reality they are now dealing with.

After The Final Exodus is a Science Fiction Novella that is a sequel to the Coastal Event Memories Series. Four-hundred years later, the Coastal Event's survivor descendants have managed to recover much of the pre-event technologies and humanity. After the discovery of proof of a Martin City ruins, the three dominate corporate organizations unite in a crash effort to send a manned ship to the Red Planet.

The successful flight of Enterprise to Mars is completed with a smooth landing near the Martin City ruins. The crew soon discovers that sabotage to their ship has stranded them with no possibility for a safe return. As they contemplated their own mortality, a message from a Phobos based AI welcomes them to the Federation of Sentient Space-faring Races. Later, the crew learns of a looming Extermination Event that will doom the entire population of the Earth, in less than seventy years.

The AI offers them a means to return home, with a way for Earth's population to escape the final extermination event. All that must be done in the next seventy years, is to construct a fleet of star ships capable of transporting a million people and everything needed for them to build new lives, to a solar system twenty-seven Light Years away.

Danny Appleseed, Tinker, Teacher, and Baby Maker is an Adult Dystopian Novella, set after a worldwide economic crash, followed by a man-made plague that killed half the remaining population and made over half the surviving men infertile. 

Anomaly Report is an Adult Hard Science Fiction Novella set in the present, but the search eventually leads to a series of events that began in the late 40's. 

The loss of a child is a parent's worst nightmare. When the child disappears with no explanation, and the government seems to be covering up something in this case, as well as hundreds of others, the father, Ryan Kirkwood begins a quest for answers. 

Buy it now to see the truth about alien abductions, a UFO conspiracy, and those who disappeared from our National parks.  

Last Emergence is a Young Adult Science Fiction Novel set 3000 years after a large asteroid was sent to impact the earth. In orbit, survivor descendants, of three combined space stations, watch, as two groups of humans claw their way back toward civilization. When the emerging humans rediscover radio, the aliens will detect them and send another asteroid, as they have done several times before. 

The Earth Station inhabitants lost their ability to withstand Earth’s gravity many generations ago. In a desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable, two survivors of the unsuccessful space defense battle are recovered and revived from a 3000-year cold sleep, before they are sent back to earth. This is their story. 

Former USAF Captain Mark Clemens looked at the countdown display again. In less than ten minutes he would follow Anna back to Earth. Her shuttle had encountered a significantly higher jet-stream wind than expected. It blew her further North then she could correct, and she finally landed on an island at the edge of the Northern Ice Cap. 

Thankful she was down safely, but Mark's stomach was in a knot. She was almost a hundred miles North of the planned landing site, and he didn't know if he had enough fuel to reach her new location. 

Mark understood the logic of using both shuttles for this mission, but his heart was breaking at the danger to the woman he loved. Unless he could reach her, she would be alone in a fifteenth-century world. 

Resurrection World, The Eden Project is a Post-apocalypse science fiction novel about groups of humans who are resurrected on a terraformed world. The Eden Project is an effort by the Federation of Space-Faring Sentient Races to avoid an approaching extinction event to the Earth. The first, and largest group of humans died in London during the Black Plague, and the second group died in the Battle of Gettysburg and on a convict ship that sunk off Australia in the same year. The third group died in London and Pearl Harbor in December 1941. 

After the Royal Navy's Fleet's secret weapon has destroyed the barbarian airship, nothing stands between the fleet and the rebel colony. The bombardment of Bristol City will start at dawn tomorrow. Half of the Royal Marine landing forces have disembarked South of the city, and will attack the defenders from the rear when the signal rocket shows the bombardment has lifted. That signal will also start the landings by the main Marine forces. 

No mercy will be shown the rebels, or their barbarian allies. 

The American Republic's prototype Battle Cruiser's six guns are now the only thing left to confront the Royal Navy fleet's 480 guns.

The Days After The Music Died is a Dystopian novel about a post EMP world. A family struggles to escape the madness that is burning the cities and reach a refuge they established on a Mississippi River island. 

October second appeared to have the makings of a nice day even though Richard Erickson wouldn't be able to enjoy much of it. He would soon be starting a twelve hour shift in the Emergency Room at San Francisco County Hospital. The young man would complete his medical internship in eleven months. 

Richard's day began at seven, when he showered, dressed, and stopped by Mickey D’s for breakfast. By the time he reached the Bay Bridge, the sun was breaking through the fog, and the Oldies Rock on his special playlist had just finished Buddy Holly's “Peggy Sue”. 

Halfway through his second cup of coffee, with the stereo now playing Richi Valens “La Bamba”, Richard felt that life was good. As he approached the Treasure Island exit, the Tahoe died, along with the stereo. Taking a quick look at the gas gage, he saw the whole panel was dead. Coasting to the curb, he noticed that his car was not the only one stopped. Nothing was moving.“Oh Shit. its really hit the fan!” he exclaimed. 

A quick check of his iPhone revealed that it too was dead. 

Richard opened the door and stepped out. A man in a Tesla jumped out as smoke burst from under the hood. “What the hell is going on?” He demanded. 

Richard answered. “I think we got hit by an EMP attack.” 

“What does that mean?”

“It means the end of the world as we know it. I suggest you get home any way you can. It will be bad everywhere, with no power, water, or food.” 

The man looked unconvinced. He then looked over to his burning car. Without a word, he started toward the off ramp.